I got into the shoe industry because I wanted to learn how shoes and feet work together. Over time, I developed a taste for the myriad subtle differences between the lines of a $20 pump and a $400 one, but my main passion has been for the way these curious mass-produced contraptions work with the infinite variety of the feet that they are supposed to fit.

What is the difference between the 4” pair of heels I could wear all day and the 4” pair I could barely survive in for an hour? Why do most heels have practically zero padding in the ball of the foot? Why does this pump look clunky and huge while that one looks dainty and tiny? Why is it nearly impossible to find a good pair of flats? Why do so many shoes hurt, and sometimes even maim the feet they’re supposed to comfort and protect?

I’ve learned a lot over the past nine years in the industry and 17 years of competitive partner dance. I can’t claim to know everything – in fact, I hope this blog will help me learn a lot more! – but I know more than the average shoe shopper, and even some of the shoe developers out there. I hope to help change that, one reader at a time.