Do you know your shoe size?

If I ask you what is your shoe size, you might say something like “well, I can wear X or Y, depending”, but most people have a definitive number in mind they can rattle off without thinking.

Are you sure you know yours?

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Weird Feet

Nearly every woman whose feet I’ve measured has said the same thing to me: “oh, my feet are weird”.

Even after I told them they are trying on a development sample, that the shoe is probably wrong and they are there to help me figure out what needs to be fixed about it. Even when I told them that something will most likely hurt. Even when I asked them to be as picky as they can be with their fit feedback. More often than not, I got some version of “here’s what I feel, but you can probably disregard what I’m telling you because my feet – you know, they’re weird”.

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